Zomato’s – Please Stop Sending Your Ex Food COD

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In a classic case of internet hilarity, Zomato, the popular food delivery platform, has once again left everyone in stitches with its latest tweet. In a playful and witty plea, Zomato urged someone named ‘Ankita from Bhopal’ to stop sending food to her ex-boyfriend via cash on delivery. The reason? Her ex has apparently been dodging payment for the delicious deliveries, sparking an uproar of laughter online.

The catch in this amusing tale lies in the mystery surrounding ‘Ankita from Bhopal.’ Is she a real person with a unique taste for pranks, or is she simply a clever concoction of Zomato’s creative minds? Regardless of her existence, netizens couldn’t get enough of the quirky tweet. People from all corners of the internet flooded the comment section, sharing their thoughts and spinning hilarious scenarios inspired by Ankita’s shenanigans.

The laughter and wit were contagious. One user cleverly suggested that Ankita’s ex must be trapped in an infinite loop of hunger and heartbreak, stuck in a never-ending cycle of cash on delivery surprises. Another cheeky individual proposed an unexpected plot twist, implying that Ankita might actually owe money to her ex. Oh, the twists and turns of love and food!

As the hilarity unfolded, someone even came up with a brilliant idea: Zomato could launch a special “Deliver a Slap” service, allowing people to vent their frustrations creatively and settle scores with a humorous touch.

Zomato’s funny and light-hearted approach to this ‘Ankita from Bhopal’ saga delighted the internet and once again proved their comedic genius. Who knew food delivery could bring so much joy and laughter to our lives? The world awaits to see if Ankita will make her presence known or continue to remain a delightful enigma for Twitter users.

For now, we’ll all just keep our eyes peeled for more comic gems from Zomato, the master of witty and hilarious social media moments. Long live the laughter and good vibes!


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