AP Dhillon’s “First of a Kind” Docuseries Review

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By Archana Ajith

Rating: ★★★★☆

“First of a Kind,” the compelling four-episode docuseries now available on Prime Video, grants an exclusive backstage pass to the journey of the Indo-Canadian singer AP Dhillon. With its thoughtful storytelling and raw authenticity, the series highlights AP’s evolution from a regular guy working as a sales associate at Best Buy to becoming a global music phenomenon.

The series kicks off with a deep exploration of AP’s life in Canada (Vancouver Island) and Punjab (Gurdaspur), tracing his humble beginnings and the challenges he faced while trying to make ends meet. The first episode serves as a heartwarming introduction to Amrit, showcasing AP’s modest self behind all the success and gives viewers a glimpse into his authentic and relatable persona.

One of the strengths of the docuseries is its emphasis on AP Dhillon’s crew—those who have been by his side since his days in Vancouver, Canada. These individuals, who started as acquaintances, have become an integral part of his success. Shinda, Gurinder Gill, Herman, and his manager Kevin, are given due credit for their significant roles in his journey. The camaraderie and bond they share come across as genuine and endearing.

In a particularly touching segment, the series shines a spotlight on AP’s relationship with fellow artist Sidhu Moose Wala, showcasing his warm and meaningful connection, with the late singer.

The episode dedicated to AP’s arena tour and the transition of his popularity from Canada to India reveals a lot about his growth as an artist. From his experiences performing in front of massive crowds to his appearance at Lollapalooza Mumbai, the series provides a window into some of the exciting milestones of his career.

Visually, “First of a Kind” is a treat. The documentary makes effective use of archival footage, concert clips, and behind-the-scenes shots to create a visually engaging narrative. The cinematography captures both the energy of AP Dhillon’s live performances and the quiet moments of reflection, transporting viewers into his world.

While the docuseries gives you a well-rounded view of AP Dhillon’s career trajectory, there is a sense that certain aspects could have been explored in greater detail. The storytelling occasionally feels rushed, leaving viewers hungry for more depth and context.

Nevertheless, “First of a Kind” remains a captivating watch for AP’s fans and anyone who’s looking for something new and refreshing to watch over the weekend.


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