Bhupesh Baghel hits back at PM Narendra Modi

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Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reacted angrily to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s corruption allegation against his government on Friday, accusing him of lying.

Earlier in the day, at a rally in the state capital Raipur, the prime minister claimed that corruption was the Congress’ main doctrine, and that the grand old party could not exist without it.

In response to Modi’s claims, Baghel tweeted, “Modi ji, as you arrived, waves of lies began to flow.” State BJP leaders have misled farmers into believing that paddy is purchased using federal funds. You are the Prime Minister, you are aware of the truth, yet you also lied.” According to the chief minister, it is the biggest falsehood in the name of farmers that the Centre accepts 80% of the paddy procured in the state.

“If your government’s role in paddy purchase in the states is so significant, Modi ji, why are farmers in your Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi forced to sell paddy at Rs.1,000-1,200 per quintal?” he queried.

Baghel further said that BJP leaders in Chhattisgarh sent the prime minister incorrect information.

“Every child in Chhattisgarh knows that we took an oath of Gangajal to fulfil the promise of loan waiver for farmers within 10 days of the government’s formation in 2018,” he remarked.

Farmers recall that the BJP never delivered on its promise of Rs.2,100 per quintal paddy procurement and a bonus for them, according to the chief minister, who added that no one can deceive Chhattisgarh’s farmers.

During his speech, the prime minister stated that the Congress had taken Gangajal in hand and committed to deliver commitments, including a liquor prohibition, within 10 days if a government was established in the state, but that it had failed to do so.

He also accused the Bhupesh Bagel government of tampering with paddy procurement and misled state farmers.

The Centre owns more than 80% of the paddy produced in the state. He claimed that the BJP-led Central government has provided paddy farmers more than 1 lakh crore in the last nine years.

Modi inaugurated and lay the foundation stones for eight projects worth roughly Rs.7,600 crore in Raipur on Friday, where he lambasted the Congress for obstructing the state’s development. He also charged the government with corruption.

This was Modi’s first visit to the Congress-ruled state, where Assembly elections are scheduled at the end of the year, since being elected Prime Minister for the second time in 2019.

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