CM distributes aid to Divyangs Under ‘Sashakt Jashpur’ Initiative

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Raipur 03 March 2024// Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai distributed aid to Divyangs in Bagiya, as part of the “Sashakt Jashpur” initiative. The distribution included disability certificates, bus passes, and essential equipment, aiming to empower individuals with disabilities in the region.

The primary goal of the “Sashakt Jashpur” campaign is to uplift Jashpur district across various domains such as health, education, employment, tourism, infrastructure, and utilities. Through detailed planning, the campaign aims to bring about holistic progress across all development blocks of the district.

As a part of the campaign’s first phase, “From Disability to Empowerment” programme is being rolled out district-wide. This initiative involves identifying all Divyangs in the Jashpur district and ensuring they receive proper treatment, disability certificates, and necessary equipment. In addition, the programme offers employment prospects through skill development training for those interested.

The administration conducted a thorough survey in every ward of every Gram Panchayat in Jashpur district, revealing a total of 15,488 Divyangs. Among them, 884 individuals have expressed a keen interest in undergoing skill development training for employment opportunities, reflecting their enthusiasm towards empowerment.

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