Congress Issues Show-cause Notices Against 3 Gehlot Loyalists

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Congress requested their responses within 10 days as to why disciplinary action was not taken against them after claiming that the accusations against them constitute an act of “severe indiscipline.”

CM Ashok Gehlot met with a few ministers and party MLAs on Tuesday in Jaipur. Additionally, he spoke on the phone with Sonia Gandhi, the acting party president.

The Rajasthan chief minister’s status will probably be decided following the Congress Presidential Elections later next month. As of right now, no disciplinary action will be taken against CM Ashok Gehlot, according to sources within the Congress. Gehlot informed the party’s high command that his MLAs were no longer paying attention to him and were not keeping him informed.

Additionally, according to sources within the Congress, KC Venugopal is Rahul Gandhi’s preferred candidate, with Ashok Gehlot being disqualified from running for president of the party. A final decision has not yet been made, but senior Congress politician Kamal Nath told Sonia Gandhi that he does not want to lead the party and instead wants to continue serving the party in Madhya Pradesh.

On Monday, senior Congressman Kamal Nath disqualified himself as a potential contender for the party’s president even as he intervened to address the ongoing problem in the Rajasthan branch of the party. Kamal Nath, who is reputed to be close to Rajasthan Chief.

The senior leadership of the Congress had invited Kamal Nath to Delhi. 
He will probably act as peacemaker and try to end the factional fighting in the state unit, which is reeling from potential leadership transition manoeuvre that descended into fullblown crisis for the party. 
Kamal Nath responded, “I have no interest; have come to Delhi for Navratri,” when asked if he was not interested in the position of Congress president. 
Kharge and Maken earlier briefed Gandhi on the happenings in Rajasthan and will by tonight or tomorrow make formal report to the party’s state unit about the crisis. 
To obtain sense of the reality on the ground, they had met the party’s MLAs in the state.
Maken claims that Gehlot-supporting MLAs have made a number of demands, one of which is that a choice about the chief ministerial face be made after the party president election on October 19 and after consulting Gehlot. Speaking to reporters, the AICC representative for Rajasthan said that Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, had given his approval for the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting to be held. He also referred to the MLAs who support Gehlot holding a separate meeting as acting “indisciplinedly.”

Sonia Gandhi, the party’s president, was briefed on Monday by Congress observers Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken about the happenings in Rajasthan. By Tuesday at the latest, they are scheduled to deliver a written report to the party’s state unit outlining the crisis. Ajay Maken, the AICC representative for Rajasthan, told reporters after a nearly one-and-a-half-hour meeting with Gandhi that the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting was organised with the approval of Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, and he referred to the decision of the MLAs who support him to hold a separate meeting as “indiscipline.”

K C Venugopal, the organization’s general secretary for the AICC, was also present. Maken referred to the cancellation of the CLP meeting as “unfortunate.”

He added that the Congress president had made it plain to everyone that “we speak to every MLA and submit a report, and then the Congress president would have taken a call after speaking to everyone.” The purpose of the CLP meeting was to approve a resolution allowing the Congress president to choose Gehlot’s successor.

However, according to Maken, the representatives of the chief minister’s MLA allies proposed three criteria, one of which was that the new party president would choose the future chief minister. “How is it conceivable that the person moving the resolution authorises the Congress president, that person wants to compete in the elections for the AICC president and if he wins the elections.

Maken asserted that there was no precedent for such an action in the party and that Gehlot’s MLAs preferred to meet in groups as opposed to the high command’s request that they do so. “One-on-one meetings are held during CLP meetings to allow MLAs to freely express themselves. Additionally, they suggested that the chief minister be chosen in 2020 from among the MLAs who supported Ashok Gehlot. We responded by saying that we will discuss their suggestions with the Congress president, but a resolution cannot be subject to any conditions. Sonia ji has received the briefing from us, and we’ll provide a written report.

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