Congress promises ₹500 gas cylinder, free electricity

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Following an impressive victory in Karnataka, the Congress has set its sights on Madhya Pradesh, which will hold elections later this year. In the run-up to the Madhya Pradesh Assembly election, Congress has pledged free energy and the reinstatement of the former pension scheme if elected.

Referring to the “guarantees” that the Congress has executed in Karnataka, the party stated in a tweet a few days after taking over that it had maintained its pledges in Karnataka and will do so in Madhya Pradesh as well.

The Congress remarked in a tweet, “Congress’ promise to the people of Madhya Pradesh.” Electricity, 100 units waived, 200 units halved, agricultural loan waived, old pension scheme will be applicable. We maintained our promise in Karnataka, and we’ll keep it in MP as well. “Jai Janata Party-Jai Congress.”

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Saturday that the Congress government has in principle accepted the five guarantees announced in the party’s manifesto before to the elections, as promised. The chief minister was speaking to the media on the decisions made during his first cabinet meeting since taking office.

According to preliminary estimations, 50,000 crore is necessary each year to meet the five guarantees.

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