Delhi bans use and sale of firecrackers to control pollution

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The Delhi government has taken a firm stance against air pollution by completely banning the manufacturing, storage, sales, and use of firecrackers in the national capital. This decision was announced on Monday as part of a comprehensive action plan to tackle pollution during the winter months.

The Delhi Police has already made it clear that they will not be issuing any licenses related to firecrackers, effectively putting a stop to their sale and use. Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai emphasised that this ban will apply to all types of firecrackers, ensuring a quieter and less polluted Diwali this year.

Minister Rai highlighted that there has been a reduction in pollution levels in Delhi this year, with PM10 levels decreasing by 42% from 2014 to 2023, and PM2.5 levels dropping by 46% over the same period. However, he expressed concern about the adverse health impacts, especially during the winter season.

Even though the Supreme Court had ordered the use of only “green” crackers in 2018, various types of firecrackers were still being used under the guise of being environmentally friendly. To combat this, the Delhi government has taken this stringent measure.

While “green” crackers were temporarily allowed in Delhi in 2020, a complete ban on firecrackers was enforced in November that year. In 2021 and 2022, all firecrackers were banned in Delhi. The aftermath of Diwali in 2021 saw Delhi’s air quality index (AQI) reaching a severe level with a reading of 462, marking the worst post-Diwali air quality since 2015.

With this latest ban, Delhi hopes to ensure a cleaner and safer environment for its residents during the upcoming festive season and winter months.

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