PM Modi concludes G20 summit, hands over presidency to Brazil

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The G20 summit in New Delhi came to a successful conclusion as Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally passed the leadership baton to Brazil on Sunday. The ceremony involved PM Modi symbolically handing over the presidential gavel to Brazil’s President, Lula da Silva.

In a friendly gesture, PM Modi extended his congratulations to President Lula and wished Brazil the best during its upcoming presidency of the G20. This transition of leadership is scheduled to take place on December 1, later this year.

At the closing of the annual summit, President Lula emphasized the importance of preserving the unity and purpose of the G20, stressing, “We cannot allow geopolitical issues to overshadow the G20’s vital discussions. A divided G20 is not in our interest; we need peace and cooperation instead of conflict.”

Looking ahead, PM Modi proposed a virtual G20 session at the end of November to evaluate the suggestions and decisions made during the New Delhi summit. While India’s G20 presidency officially continues until November 30, there remains over two months of its leadership tenure.

As Brazil prepares to assume the G20 presidency, the world will be watching closely to see how the group continues to address global challenges and promote international cooperation.

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