ED arrests Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee

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Partha Chatterjee, the state’s minister of industries, was taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday morning (July 23, 2022). On Friday at 10:30 am, an ED team visited Naktala’s home to conduct interviews. The minister was questioned by the investigators day and night. He was taken into custody on Saturday at 9:30.

He is being brought to the CGO building and will be brought to court today, when ED will ask for the minister’s custody. The arrest memo was signed by the witnesses before the arrest on Saturday. After that, ED agents led him away from the home. Partha’s attorney informed the journalists outside the residence that the state councillor and minister of industry had been detained.

Partha Chatterjee, formerly the minister of education and now the minister of industries, showed up at Naktala’s home on Saturday. He was awakened in the morning and subjected to a series of questions. ED representatives spent the entire night at the minister’s home. Central soldiers encircled the minister’s home. Sources claim that Parth became unwell while being questioned nonstop. Two doctors visited him at home. Even Nevertheless, the question and answer session continued.

At the same time, the ED asserted that about 21 crore in cash was discovered at the South Kolkata home of Arpita Mukherjee, a “closer” of Partha. There were bundles of 2000 and 500 rupee bills in the two stacks. Twenty cell phones, according to ED, were also discovered in that home. With the assistance of bank workers, the recovered funds are currently being counted. According to ED sources, the funds were part of a bribe paid for unauthorized enrollment in the institution.

According to ED, all of the appointments were made under the former education minister’s direction, according to the report of the committee led by former Justice Ranjit Kumar Bagh and the testimony of Education Secretary Manish Jain during a CBI questioning. He served as the primary controller for hiring.

It is initially checked by gathering and examining documentation. Without giving him a summons, the detectives woke up the minister on Friday at 7:30 am and began interviewing him. When the investigators arrived to Naktala’s home, they gave the minister’s bodyguards and security personnel orders to turn off their cell phones.

The minister also received the same directive. In the afternoon, Parth sent two attorneys to the residence. However, sources claim that the investigators forbade them from being there while the subject was being questioned. ED sources claim that at noon, Partha’s family physician examined him in front of the investigators while accompanying the police. Later, the minister was also seen by three SSKM specialists.

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