Female Robot Vyommitra to undergo trials for Gaganyaan Mission

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India is gearing up for a major milestone in space exploration – the Gaganyaan mission. This mission, delayed due to the pandemic, is now moving forward with an exciting addition: a female robot named ‘Vyommitra’.

The mission aims to demonstrate India’s ability to send humans into space, with a crew of three set to orbit 400 kilometers above Earth for three days before safely returning to the Indian sea waters.

The introduction of Vyommitra, the robot, is a significant step in India’s space ambitions. This robot, designed to mimic human functions and responses, will pave the way for future space travels. The first test of Vyommitra’s capabilities is scheduled for early October, marking a crucial moment for India’s space journey.

With Vyommitra’s inclusion in the Gaganyaan mission and the upcoming launch of ‘Aditya L-1’, India is making significant progress in space exploration. These endeavours highlight India’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology and understanding celestial phenomena. As these missions unfold, India’s presence in the global space exploration community is sure to shine even brighter.

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