PM Modi to Address Parliament on,No Confidence Motion on August 10th

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The Opposition has put forth a no-confidence motion against the Union government in Parliament, scheduled for discussion between August 8 and 10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to address the motion on August 10, as per reliable sources. The no-confidence motion was initiated by Opposition members with the aim of compelling the Prime Minister to address the escalating violence in Manipur following ethnic clashes in the Northeastern state.

Throughout the ongoing Monsoon Session of Parliament, the House has experienced frequent interruptions as Opposition members persistently stall proceedings until a discussion on the Manipur crisis is held. The ruling coalition, comprising the BJP and its NDA allies, expressed their willingness to discuss the matter, with Home Minister Amit Shah representing Parliament. However, Opposition leaders, including the Congress, remain firm in their stance, vowing not to relent until Prime Minister Narendra Modi directly speaks on the pressing issue.

The Opposition’s decision to propose the no-confidence motion was made last month, and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla formally accepted it on July 26. Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi presented the motion, following a declaration by Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Choudhury a day earlier, stating, “Today, it has been decided that we would not have any other alternative but to resort to a no-confidence motion because the government is not accepting the demand of the opposition to have an elaborate discussion with the Prime Minister on Manipur.” Choudhury emphasized the necessity for Prime Minister Modi, as the leader in Parliament, to make a statement on the Manipur violence.

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