Political Uproar in Chhattisgarh as ED Continues to Conduct Raids

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In a development that sparked political controversy, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) conducted raids on Thursday, targeting various businessmen’s premises across districts, including Raipur.
Both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress have now locked horns over these raids, accusing each other of ulterior motives. BJP spokesperson, Kedar Gupta, questioned Congress’s unease when corrupt officials and individuals face actions by ED and IT departments.
He challenged Congress to clarify its stance on corruption and its association with corrupt elements. Gupta stated that the Congress is suffering from stomach pain as corrupt officers and numerous scams come under ED and IT scrutiny. Further, he alleged that Congress is mired in multiple scandals, such as liquor and coal scams, with several cases already being presented in courts.
The evidence and electronic records clearly expose the collusion between mafia and government officials ever since the Congress government came to power in Chhattisgarh. On the other side, Congress Communication Department Chief, Sushil Anand Shukla, countered the ED’s actions, claiming they are misusing their constitutional powers.
Shukla firmly believed that these actions are politically motivated, aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the state government. According to him, the ED’s recent allegations of a ₹2100 crore liquor scam are entirely based on imagination and attempts to manipulate old statements through various witnesses. He accused the BJP of conspiring to propagate falsehoods against the Congress government ahead of the upcoming elections.
ED Operations are underway:
As the ED operations continue in various locations, including Raipur, Korba, and Ambikapur, close aides of IAS officer Ranu Sahu are reportedly under investigation. In Raipur’s Kachana area, ED conducted searches at the residence of Rohit Agrawal, who is linked to the teakwood business. Moreover, in Korba, the team conducted a five-hour-long search at the residence of former councilor and businessman, Shiv Agrawal, detaining all family members in one room during the process.
The situation remains tense as both parties engage in a war of words, with the ED’s actions at the center of political debate. While the BJP sees the ED as an organizational tool, the Congress accuses the agency of unlawfully acting against them. As the ED’s actions draw public attention, their legality and implications will undoubtedly be subject to further scrutiny.
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