Portuguese town flooded with red wine after a liquor barrel accident

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In a surprising turn of events, the small Portuguese town of São Lorenco de Bairro was flooded with red wine after a big accident at a local distillery. The incident happened when massive barrels holding a whopping 600,000 gallons of liquor unexpectedly gave way, causing an environmental alert in the town.

Videos of the red wine spilling into the streets of São Lorenco de Bairro quickly spread on social media, showing just how bizarre the situation was for this town of around 2,000 people.

The amount of spilled wine was so enormous that it could have filled an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Officials rushed to prevent the Certima River from becoming a river of wine.

The Anadia Fire Department stepped in and managed to divert the wine away from the river, channeling it into a nearby field. But the wine flood didn’t stop there; it also flooded a basement in a nearby residence.

While the incident may have seemed surreal, the swift response of local authorities helped avert what could have been a truly intoxicating disaster for São Lorenco de Bairro. Now, as the town assesses the aftermath of this unexpected wine river, questions about the safety and integrity of liquor storage facilities have come to the forefront.

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