Prithvi Shaw booked after influencer Sapna Gill alleges molestation

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Cricketer Prithvi Shaw and his buddy Ashish Surendra Yadav were arrested after a criminal complaint was filed against them at the Andheri magistrate court by social media influencer and Bhojpuri actress Sapna Gill.

She requested the filing of a FIR under sections 354, 509, and 324 of the Indian Criminal Code for assault with a bat and attached medical evidence from a government hospital, which is an important evidentiary document for sexual assault. Incidentally, Sapna was apprehended in the same case and now claims to be a victim.

Furthermore, officers Satish Kawankar and Bhagavat Garande of the airport police station were the subjects of a criminal complaint filed under section 166A of the Indian Penal Code for failing to carry out their responsibilities to register a FIR under section 354 of the Indian Penal Code against Prithvi Shaw and others in response to a woman’s complaint.

In an exclusive interview, Sapna Gill levelled serious claims against cricketer Prithvi Shaw. Notably, a video of her brawl with the cricketer went viral on social media, prompting criminal charges to be brought against each of the two persons involved.

Sapna Gill claims Shaw and a companion assaulted her and harassed her, and she has already filed a First Information Report against Shaw after being granted bail. First, Shaw and his buddies filed a police report against the actress.

Sapna claims that Shaw abused her and those surrounding her at the time of the incident. She said she had no idea the 23-year-old was a cricketer who had represented India.

She stated that she would not take a selfie because she did not know who he was. She has rejected all of the cricketer’s allegations against her. Sapna stated that Prithvi had punched her companion and then abused her and touched her private parts when she interfered.

Sapna then proceeded to recount the complete sequence of events. She stated that she and a companion went to the nightclub Barrel Mansion at 12:30. They were having a good time in the VIP section.

Shaw, she claimed, arrived late to the club and began partying at the table next to theirs. After a while, she noticed Shaw and his mates fighting with her pals, and when she walked in to check on her buddy, the cricketer beat and abused her.

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