RSS man’s daughter Malini Mehra’s question to Rahul Gandhi

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A video on Social media, of Malini Mehra’s meeting with Rahul Gandhi at the London-based think tank Chatham House has gone viral.

The woman, Malini Mehra — submitted a question to Rahul during the interactive session, stating, “I am feeling horrible about the status of my nation. My father was a proud RSS member who refused to recognize the country, bless his soul. “How can we re-empower and engage our democracy?”

Rahul advised Malini that raising the question was a powerful thing for her to do. “When you express yourself, what you’ve stated about your father being in the RSS and him not recognizing our country in this conversation is a really strong thing,” he continued. “I think you’re doing it by telling people the values you stand for, the values that are Indian, that you safeguard, by reminding everyone else in the world that India needs to return to those values,” he continued. “Thank you.” Malini is said to be the Mayor of London’s Commissioner for Sustainable Development and an Ambassador for London Climate Action Week. She has worked with numerous non-governmental organizations and the British government throughout the years.

Rahul Gandhi was in the United Kingdom on a 10-day tour, during which he held private business meetings, addressed the UK Parliament, met with members of the Indian diaspora, and participated in other activities. On March 6, he gave a discussion at the think-tank Chatham House, where he was chastised for labelling the BJP an arm of the “fascist RSS that subverts the democracy it utilizes to come to power.”

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