The global leaders proceed for COP27- Here is all you need to know

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Written By: Archana Ajith/Delhi

The UN’s COP27 summit has officially begun at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, where the global leaders have gathered to discuss matters relating to climate change and its toll on rising temperatures.

The annual “Conference for Parties” was last held in Glasgow, Scotland and this year marks the 27th UN meeting on climate change. The summit is now more important than ever to control the unyielding effects of changing climate. The first COP was held in 2015, where the Paris accord was signed, also popularly known as the Paris Agreement.

The world is entering into an era where the carbon emission caused by fossil fuel burning if not controlled, can lead to a disastrous future for the coming generations. According to the graphs published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global temperatures have risen by 1.1C and are slowing heading towards 1.5C. If the temperature crosses 1.8C mark, humanity could be exposed to life-threatening heat and humidity which might open frontiers for hazardous diseases. To avoid the same 195 countries signed the Paris agreement in 2015 and pledged to control emissions to limit the temperature rise at 1.5C.

More than 200 governments have been invited, some have confirmed their attendance while some are yet to confirm. The host country Egypt has invited the global leaders to put aside their differences and join hands to “show leadership” for the sake of climate change. Russian President, Vladimir Putin might miss out on the conference but his foreign delegates are expected to attend the summit. UK’s newly appointed Indian-origin Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak took to his social media to confirm his attendance to the COP27. Indian Pavilion will be inaugurated by Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav, based on Mission Life concept championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Along with the global leaders, environmental charities, business and faith groups, think tanks are all expected to take part in this global conference.

The good call made by Egypt, has also attracted many controversies as the human rights activists were seen calling out the government for not providing them an open civic space and abstaining them from any demonstrations till the COP27 is in process.

COP27, as an ambitious meet will focus on some key areas like:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Helping developing countries and underdeveloped countries to prepare for and deal with climate change
  • Securing financial assistance to countries along with technical support for implementing the plans discussed

Further, some areas that were not resolved in the Glasgow meet of COP26 will also be put forward in the panel like:

  • Establishing a global carbon market to weigh and price the effects of emissions into products and services
  • Loss and damage financing, to help countries effected by climate change to recover
  • Strengthening the commitments to reduce coal use

The COP27 is expected to garner a lot of attention globally. The security remains tight and the conference is set rolling. It remains to be seen what are the new plans and policies that the leaders shall bench to adhere with the climate control protocols to provide for a sustainable world ahead.

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