UFO experts presents ‘Alien Corpses’ in Mexico Congress

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In a surprising turn of events, on September 12, two alleged “alien corpses” were reportedly showcased to politicians during a public hearing in the Mexican Congress. This spectacle unfolded right after the presentation of several videos featuring “UFOs and unidentified strange occurrences.” The event was even live-streamed, gaining widespread attention.

Journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan took the stand and swore that these mummified beings are not a part of Earth’s natural evolution. He went on to reveal that a significant portion of their DNA, around 30%, remains unidentified. According to Maussan, these specimens were not found in the aftermath of a UFO crash but rather in diatom (algae) mines, where they eventually fossilized.

Maussan claimed that scientists from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) had conducted DNA analysis through radiocarbon dating on the specimens. This analysis, when compared to other DNA samples, showed a substantial portion of the genetic code as “unknown.” Maussan also presented X-rays of the specimens, with experts testifying under oath that one of the bodies contained what appeared to be “eggs.” Furthermore, they suggested that these implants were crafted from exceedingly rare metals, such as Osmium.

It’s worth noting that Jaime Maussan had previously been involved in claims of “alien” discoveries back in 2017, which were later debunked as being human children. This new revelation has garnered significant attention due to its extraordinary nature and the involvement of the Mexican Congress and US officials. However, skepticism remains, given the history of such claims in the past.

As the story continues to develop, many are left wondering about the authenticity of these purported “alien corpses” and the implications they may have for our understanding of life beyond Earth.

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