‘Better to die in jail’: Jet Airways’ Naresh Goyal

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The founder of Jet Airways, Naresh Goyal, told a special court on Saturday that he had given up on life. Goyal is one of the accused in the alleged Rs 538 crore fraud case at Canara Bank. He expressed with folded hands that he would sooner die in prison than carry on living as he does now. The very distraught 70-year-old stated in court documents how much he misses his wife Anita, who is facing an aggressive form of illness.

On September 1st of last year, Goyal was taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate in relation to the suspected bank fraud. He’s in judicial custody here at the Arthur Road jail right now. Goyal had filed a bail request with M G Desphande, the special judge.

Goyal was brought before the court on Saturday, and the judge granted his plea for a brief private hearing during the proceedings. With his hands clasped and his entire body trembling constantly, Goyal claimed that his health is extremely poor and unstable based on the court’s “roznama,” or record of daily proceedings.

The businessman stated that their sole daughter is ill and that his wife is bedridden. Goyal stated that the correctional staff’s ability to assist him is limited. I listened to him calmly and watched him as he made the appropriate submissions. I discovered that he was trembling all over. The judge stated that he requires assistance just to stand.

Goyal indicated his painful and swollen knees, stating that he was unable to fold his legs. The founder of Jet Airways informed the court that he sometimes passes blood with his urine and has excruciating pain that is not manageable. He claimed that he hasn’t been able to receive help most of the time.

The businessman informed the judge that he was useless to be referred to J J Hospital because he had grown extremely feeble. He is unable to tolerate the difficult, demanding, and tiresome ride from Arthur Road jail to the hospital with other prisoners, which is done at the convenience of the guards and prison personnel.

In addition, he is never able to see the doctor on time due to the lengthy patient line, and he is unable to follow up with the doctor after his examination, according to Goyal, who added that these issues are “very badly affecting his health.” He stated that Anita, his wife, is receiving treatment for an advanced stage of cancer.

Goyal, with tears in his eyes, said, “There’s no one to look after her because his only daughter is also having health problems.” He asked the court to let him pass away in the jail itself rather than sending him to J J Hospital.

Goyal declared that he was beyond hope for survival and that, in this case, it would be preferable for him to pass away than to live. He stated that he had no hope for the future and that he would turn 75. He thought it was better if he perished in prison since his fate would come to his assistance.

Goyal further stated that he is unable to personally attend court due to his condition. Goyal claimed that this time, he demanded to be brought before the court so that he could personally present everything.

He declared that he would no longer be picky about appearance. After hearing Goyal, the court stated, “I have taken note of everything he has submitted and also assured the accused that he will not be left helpless and all possible care of his mental and physical health will be taken with proper treatment.” The court instructed his attorneys to handle his health in the proper manner.

Goyal stated a number of medical conditions, including a heart illness, prostate cancer, and orthopedic problems, in his bail petition submitted last month. He also stated that there were good reasons to think he is innocent. His bail request has been met by a response from the ED, and on January 16 the case will be heard again.

The CBI filed a formal complaint  against Jet Airways, Goyal, his wife Anita, and a few former executives of the now-defunct private airline in relation to an alleged Rs 538 crore fraud at the state-run Canara Bank. This led to the creation of the ED case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The bank filed a formal complaint, claiming that it had approved credit and loans totalling Rs 848.86 crore, of which Rs 538.62 crore remained unpaid, to Jet Airways (India) Limited.


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