Its Official! Ranveer Singh is the ‘New Don’ in the most anticipated Don 3

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By Archana Ajith

Ranveer Singh has been officially crowned as the new face of the iconic character “Don” in the highly anticipated third instalment of the blockbuster franchise. The announcement, made by actor-filmmaker-producer Farhan Akhtar, has set hearts racing and imaginations soaring.

Teaser launched on Social Media

Amidst a wave of excitement, a tantalising teaser has been unveiled, introducing Ranveer Singh in all his charismatic glory as the torchbearer of the iconic Don legacy. 

Shared across Farhan Akhtar’s social media platforms, the teaser signals the dawn of a new era with a simple yet captivating message: “A New Era Begins #Don3.”

The teaser itself is a masterpiece of anticipation, transporting us to a world of sophistication and intrigue. Ranveer Singh, donning a suave leather jacket and boots, with his charismatic flair, sits against a modern cityscape, oozing enigma. A flickering cigarette adds to the intrigue. His gaze is unwavering and commanding, as he introduces himself as none other than Don.

Through a heartfelt note on his Instagram account, Farhan Akhtar extended his thoughts on the legacy of “Don.”

According to sources, Kiara Advani might step into the shoes of Priyanka Chopra. Official confirmation is awaited.  

Making its grand arrival in 2025, “Don 3” promises to be a revelation, capturing the essence of the franchise that has enthralled audiences worldwide.

With Ranveer Singh leading the way, “Don 3” is sure to take us on a journey of mystery, suspense, and cinematic excellence. Get ready to dive into this new chapter of the iconic saga.

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