Major security breach in Lok Sabha as two men open gas canisters

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In a shocking breach of security echoing the haunting memory of the 2001 Parliament attack, Lok Sabha witnessed a distressing event as two individuals managed to access the premises and release yellow smoke from hidden canisters.

Eyewitnesses reported the individuals were chanting slogans, notably “tana shahi nahi chalegi” (dictatorship won’t be accepted), as they navigated towards the Well of the House. BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal, presiding over proceedings, recollected the alarming scene, “One of them took something out of his shoes that was emitting smoke. The security personnel caught them, and it remains to be seen who they are, what was their objective and what organisation they are associated with.”

The individuals were quickly detained, with one identified as Sagar Sharma, while the identity of the other remains undisclosed. Additionally, two more protesters, Amol from Latur (Maharashtra) and Neelam from Hisaar (Haryana), were apprehended near Transport Bhavan in close proximity to the Parliament complex.

Reflecting on the chaos, Agarwal observed, “I saw one person falling from the visitors’ gallery, and simultaneously, another man was jumping on the desks.” Security measures were promptly enforced to contain the situation and ascertain the motives behind this breach.

Officials and law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the motives and affiliations of these individuals. This incident has sparked discussions about the necessity for stringent security measures within crucial government institutions like Lok Sabha.

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