Northern lights turn blood-red in Bulgaria, people call it ‘apocalyptic’

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For the first time ever, Bulgaria was graced with a breathtaking display of the aurora borealis, commonly known as the northern lights. This natural wonder, which usually colours the skies at the Earth’s north and south poles, made its debut appearance in Bulgaria on a Sunday evening, creating an unforgettable sight for people.

The northern lights show began in the northeastern part of Bulgaria before  casting its red glow across the entire Balkan nation. Images and videos capturing this extraordinary phenomenon spread like wildfire across social media, with some viewers describing the blood-red sky as “apocalyptic” and “spooky.” On use on X commented, “This Is Not Normal Weather Conditions. Sooner Or Later We Have To Pay The Price.”


Aurora Borealis emerge when solar wind particles from the sun, which travel millions of miles before reaching Earth, interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Guided by Earth’s magnetic field, these particles travel towards the polar regions, where they produce the luminous auroras.

The specific colours of these auroras depend on the type of gas molecules they interact with in the atmosphere. Oxygen emissions create the green light, while interactions with nitrogen give rise to the striking red glow that illuminates the sky.

Some reports have emerged of the northern lights also making appearances in neighbouring countries like Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

The United Kingdom had its own experience, witnessing the green and red auroras on a Saturday night. Earlier this year, India had its own first-ever glimpse of the aurora borealis, an occurrence captured in Ladakh, which brought immense delight to scientists and sky gazers.

While the northern lights are most frequently observed near the Earth’s magnetic poles, known as the aurora australis in the southern hemisphere, they can occasionally surprise us by making appearances in more temperate regions. This natural phenomenon is a beautiful reminder of the world’s wonders, and it continues to captivate people from all walks of life.

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