Women group associated with Gauthans generate 5.6 crore income

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Women self-help groups associated with Gauthans have begun to generate income not only through diverse economic activities but also from producing natural paint from cow dung. They have generated revenue amounting to about Rs 5.62 crore from the production of natural paint, distemper, and putty using cow dung.

Presently, there are 52 units established within Gauthans for the manufacturing of natural paint from cow dung, with 50 units functional as of now. These active units have collectively produced 244,073 liters of natural paint, 112,212 liters of distemper, and 9,064 kilograms of putty. The sale of 191,132 liters of natural paint, 83,162 liters of distemper, and 2,840 kilograms of putty has resulted in a cumulative income of nearly Rs 5.62 crore.

To boost industrial activities within Gauthans, a total of 300 Rural Industrial Parks have been set up. These spaces facilitate various income-generating activities undertaken by women groups and rural entrepreneurs. Women self-help groups are involved in livelihood activities like vermicompost production, commercial vegetable cultivation, mushroom farming, fish, goat and poultry farming, animal husbandry, making cow dung based products including earthen lamps, flower pots, incense sticks, and other ventures, all contributing to income generation.

The associated 18,090 women self-help groups, consisting of 212,336 members, have generated a cumulative income of Rs 176.72 crore through these income-generating endeavors.

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