CM Bhupesh Baghel, criticises the BJP while praising Lord Ram

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Bhupesh Baghel, the chief minister of Chhattisgarh, has criticised the BJP for glamorising their politics in the name of Lord Ram.

On Saturday, CM Baghel declared, “Ram is everywhere. Ram is adored both in his physical form and without. Ram is accepted in all forms, whether they are formed or formless. He is a citizen of the people. Ram is descended from labourers, hard-working tribal people, Mata Kaushalya, and everyone else.

Ram is within of all of us; he cannot be a member of any one group because he is related to everyone. He is the Ram for us, not the one who wins elections. Ram is a Bhanja in our family, Baghel continued.

In relation to the ED and IT raids in the state, Baghel also called out the BJP. They are concerned that the Chhattisgarh administration is making decisions that are in the best interests of the farmers, he continued. The Chhattisgarh government makes policies that are in the best interests of the women, youth, forest dwellers, labourers, and tribal people. They had a chance for fifteen years, but they were only able to accomplish one item, but we completed all of our tasks in four. They are bothering us because they won’t accept this.

“They are harassing us with ED, IT, and DRI. But the general population is aware that this plot is solely intended to harass and smear. Nothing will be accomplished by doing this. We’ll fight alongside them. Since neither we nor our ancestors were afraid of the British, why should we be afraid of these people? We oppose corruption as well. Take steps to combat corruption; we’ll work with you, but their motivation is flawed. We would vehemently oppose it because the BJP is unable to fight and wants to fight through ED and IT, Baghel continued.

Additionally, Baghel blamed the BJP for the state’s reservations bill’s delay. “The Assembly passed the reservation measure, but the governor hasn’t signed it,” he declared. The Bharatiya Janata Party’s unitary premises are where the 10 points were created and conveyed to the Raj Bhavan. And even though they don’t have the right, the same was sent to us. The government will decide how the department will release information once it has been approved by the Vidhan Sabha.

“It was determined in the cabinet, it was approved by the assembly, but now that the department has grown, would they provide details? Since the Bharatiya Janata Party wants to abolish reservations, this is a conspiracy, and measures are being taken to resist it, Baghel continued.

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