Partha Chatterjee behaving like don in SSKM hospital

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Partha Chatterjee, a senior member of the Trinamool Congress, was acting like a “don” in the government-run SSKM hospital, according to the Enforcement Directorate (ED), which on Sunday informed the Calcutta High Court. The ED has detained Chatterjee in relation to a teacher recruiting scam that happened in 2014.

The ED officer claimed that the West Bengal minister of Industry, Commerce, and Enterprise was fabricating his sickness to the single-judge bench of the Calcutta High Court led by Justice Bibek Chaudhuri.

After conducting a raid on over a dozen different locations on Friday and recovering $21 million, Chatterjee was detained by the ED on Saturday. A local court gave ED prolonged custody of the TMC top leader for two days.

“The lower court’s decision to require his hospitalisation is invalid. Without giving us a chance to speak, the order was passed. The evaluation of the previous order instructs us to have him checked out frequently. Review is not permitted, and no jurisdiction exists “the court was informed by Additional Solicitor General.

“Please consider the gruesome truths as well. This is an instance of high level corruption. Deserving candidates’ lives have been sacrificed. A senior minister is involved in this. To find the money trail, we must question him. Even though we can only question him for the first 15 days, he has a lot of power. He has arranged to be admitted to a hospital where he will reign supreme. He is making up a sickness, “the representative stated.

Arpita Mukherjee, a close assistant to Partha Chatterjee and an actress, has previously been brought before the Bankshal Court. She was also relocated from the Kolkata headquarters of the Enforcement Directorate and taken for a medical examination.

In the event that one of their leaders is found guilty, the Trinamool Congress has stated that they will refrain from interfering politically with the CBI and ED investigations. A TMC official told reporters on Sunday that they wanted the matter to be the subject of a time-limited investigation.

When the alleged teacher recruitment scandal occurred in 2014, Partha Chatterjee was the education minister. On directions from the Calcutta High Court, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been looking into the criminal aspect of the School Service Commission (SSC) teacher recruitment fraud.

The State Level Selection Test (SLST) was administered by the West Bengal government in 2014, and a notification for the hiring of teachers in state-run schools was also released. The hiring procedure began in 2016.

However, a number of petitions regarding alleged irregularities in the hiring process were submitted to the Calcutta High Court. At government-sponsored and -aided schools, ED is looking into the financial trail connected to a teacher recruitment scam.

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